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Created in 2019, The Voyagista is devoted to travel and lifestyle. This platform aims to motivate women to discover and grow their true self by providing practical and inspiring content. Voyagistas are

V igorous

O ptimistic

Y oung

A udacious

G rowing

I ndependent

S elf-concious

T ruthful

A dventurous

Hanna Dao Tong

is the founder of The Voyagista. After long consideration, the German born Vietnamese woman eventually had the courage to start The Voyagista in order to inspire women worldwide to become the best version of themselves. Her passion is to travel and discover new things. Because of her curious nature, she wants to share her learnings and things that make her happy. Accompany Hanna during her journey to become her best version.

You want to give me feedback, share ideas or have questions? Feel welcome to shoot me an e-mail to